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Ever hear of the 30-Second Test?

Employers spend an average of 30 seconds scanning your resume, then deciding if you have a shot at getting an interview.

Make every second count.

A professionally written resume means

More interviews
A polished, error-free resume will get you the interview every time, and we all know that you have to get the interview before you get the job.

Utilizing technology
A web-friendly resume will allow you to respond to better leads on the web and by email.  The key-word resume will also give you an advantage as technology is ever increasing.

Better focus at interviews
It’s never easy to talk about yourself when you’re put on the spot.  Having an organized resume in front of you will help to market yourself and serve as a memory tool.

Higher salary offer
Employers know that having the right staff translates into more sales and faster income.  Appearing educated and professional will not only put you at the top of the list, but also in a position to negotiate better offers.

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